Our mission at Torneos Chess is to promote friendly competition and sportsmanship among players, encouraging fair play and mutual respect. It is also a space to connect with people who share our same passion.


Article 1. Registration

1.1 Registration must be paid through the website or by bank transfer to the following account Colombia to the accounts Nequi: 3106480568, Daviplata: 3106480568 o Ahorros Bancolombia45331965131; or at Spain Bizum: 651957892 or Paypal:(+34)651957892.

1.2 Participants must pay the registration fee prior to the start of the tournament. 

1.3 Players must provide their full name, their Lichess or nickname (depending on the playing platform) and must have a minimum of 200 games to enter the tournament.


Article 2. Tournament format

2.1 Tournaments will be played at different paces, the most common being 1+0, 3+0, 3+2, 4+2, 5+3 and 10+0. The playing time and system of play will be determined prior to the start of the tournament.

2.2 There will be tournaments with Swiss system, Masnou system and direct elimination tournaments.

2.3 The platform pairing system shall be used to determine the pairings in the first rounds.

2.4 The number of rounds and pace of play shall be determined by the tournament organizers.

2.5 The next tournaments to be held will be available for consultation. here or in the chat of grupo de whatsapp.


Article 3. Platform

3.1 Tournaments will be held on the Lichess and platforms. The link will be sent to the club before the tournament.


Article 4. Behavior and Fair Play

4.1 Players are expected to maintain sportsmanlike and respectful behavior at all times during the tournament.

4.2 No cheating, use of outside assistance or unsportsmanlike behavior will be allowed. Players violating these rules will be disqualified and eliminated from the group immediately.


Article 5. Schedules and delays

5.1 If a player pays the registration fee and does not show up to play the tournament, the value of his registration fee will go to the prize money.

5.2 A waiting time of X minutes shall be allowed before a game is declared lost due to non-appearance.

5.3 Delays should be notified to the tournament organizers in advance.


Article 6. Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

6.1 The tournament organizers shall appoint referees to supervise and resolve disputes during the tournament.

6.2 The decisions of the arbitrators shall be final and shall not be subject to appeal.


Article 7. Ties

7.1 The tie-breaker system of the platform shall be used to break the tie-breaker.

7.2 Tie-breaking methods may include quick tie-breaker games, Armageddon games or other appropriate methods in accordance with the conditions for a given tournament.


Article 8. Awarding of prizes

8.1 Prizes will be awarded to the best classified, and money will be distributed according to the number of registered participants.

8.2 The prizes and their distribution shall be determined after the review of games within 72 hours.


Article 9. Modifications and cancellations

9.1 The tournament organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules if necessary during the organization of the tournament.

9.2 In case of cancellation of the tournament for unforeseen reasons or force majeure, participants will be notified as far in advance as possible and the tournament will be reorganized.


Article 10. Acceptance of the regulations

10.1 By participating in a Chess Tournament you agree to comply with these rules in their entirety.